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1. Are these balloons?

H*ll no, they are a durable natural rubber, thanks!

How many come in a box?

Each box contains (2) two sets, that is equivalent to (2) pair of shoes for humans. What a DEAL don't tell our founders!

How long will they last?

Really, depends on the usage and dog activity.  We like to stand by 1 to 2 weeks per set!

What are some of the outside element it PROTECTS from?

The outside elements include: pavement, street trash, dirt, small shards of broken glass (proceed w/ caution), water (or rain), unidentified human waste (i.e. poo, urine, etc.), dog poo, salt, and drug paraphernalia left on the street.

What are some of the elements it PREVENTS from?

The elements it prevents include scaly paws, loss of traction, further infection (after a medical procedure), dirty homes and slipping around on floors made of concrete sealed and wooden floors.

What makes POOCH KICKS better than the other disposable booties for dogs?

POOCH KICKS are designed with a reinforced top, tapered not slip off or harm the dog circulation.
POOCH KICKS have a raised traction pad at the bottom to enhance and not compormise moveability.
POOCH KICKS just plainly look COOL.

How do you put them on?

We recommmend rolling down the top of the POOCH KICK, then placing your index fingers all the way at the bottom of KICK and pull apart. Once this is accomplish, get you and your's into comfortable position and place their paw into the POOCH KICK and roll the top of POOCH KICK up the dog's leg.

My dog won't wear anything on its paws?

We've heard this before.  YES!! it may take some dogs a few steps to get there normal stride, but we have not yet met one dog or owner that does not love there POOCH KICKS!!!  Remember the first pair of shoes you wore when you was a child, slight hesitating at first but before you know it you got the hang of it and you were off to the races.  

Will these hurt my dog's paws?

Of course not!!! POOCH KICKS were designed to allow for a smug fit ,not anything to tight that would hurt our four-legged friends delicate paws.  POOCH KICKS will allow your dog's paws to function as if there were nothing there. 




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